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Monday, May 4, 2020

639 workers seeking shelter in lockdown / Aravalli sent to UP

Delivery to Palanpur railway station of Banaskantha

639 workers seeking refuge in Aravalli were sent to UP

Bhiloda. 639 workers taking shelter in Aravalli have been sent to their hometown UP. People taking shelter in the district have been sent home from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Arrangements were made to transport 639 refugees from Uttar Pradesh to the Gujarat border by bus as per the suggestion of the state government. Among them were 122 from Modasa Sports and Shelter, 32 from Government Engineering College, 135 from Shamalpur Eklavya, 133 from Kherancha, 150 from Mondhari while 53 from Megharj and 16 others. A total of 639 Uttar Pradesh residents were taken to Palanpur railway station in Banaskantha district. From where he will return to his hometown by train.

Delivery to Palanpur railway station of Banaskantha.

railway station of Banaskantha