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Monday, May 4, 2020

India Corona update date 4-5-2020

India Corona update date 4-5-2020

Health Ministry says 11,706 people have recovered so far, recovery rate reaches 27.5 per cent, up 3.7 per cent after 5 days

For the third day in a row, a record 2676 new patients were added, with Delhi receiving the highest number of 427 positives in 24 hours.
So far 11,775 patients have recovered, accounting for 28% of the total infections, with 1391 deaths

. So far 42,799 people have been infected with the corona virus in the country and 1391 people have died. At present, Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus infections. A total of 12,974 people have been infected in Maharashtra so far. Gujarat is in the second place where the number of infected people has crossed five thousand. The capital Delhi is currently ranked third with 4,549 infected people. According to Agarwal, we are taking all precautionary measures in and outside the containment zone. We have to understand our social responsibility in lockdown to avoid crowds where relief has been provided. On the other hand, the recovery rate from Corona in the country has gone up to 27.52 per cent. As of April 28, it was 23.8 percent.

Another 25 BSF personnel were found infected in Delhi

Twenty-five BSF jawans have been found infected near Jama Masjid in Delhi. So far 42 BSF jawans in Delhi and 12 in Tripura have come under the sway of Corona. Also a driver from CRPF headquarters is infected. Headquarters is being sanitized. 135 CRPF personnel are already positive.

In a letter to the West Bengal Chief Secretary, the team said that the death rate of Koro infections in the state was 12.8 per cent, the highest in the country. That means about 13 patients have died here for every 100 infections. However, there is controversy over the death toll of Corona infections in West Bengal. Recently, Mamata Banerjee admitted that 105 crore infected people have died in the state. But of these 72 infected people had many other diseases, so the cause of their death was not considered corona. He questioned whether if an infected person fell off a bicycle and died, would it be called death from a corona infection?
Last month, a central team visited the states most affected by the Corona. The team returning from Bengal asked the West Bengal government how they determined the cause of death of the infected

Important updates

Civil Service Preliminary Examination Avoided: UPSE has currently avoided the Civil Service Preliminary Examination due to lockdown. The exam was scheduled for May 31. The new date of the exam will be announced on May 20.
The cook of the disaster relief center in Chhapra in Bihar has been found positive.
In Delhi, the number of positive, infected jawans of 8 SSB jawans increased to 13
Many laborers were trapped for a long time in the ongoing epidemic in the country. Now he is getting home after a month. The central government has decided to recover the railway expenses of the workers from them. But now Congress president Sonia Gandhi has taken a big decision in this regard. He said the Congress party would bear the cost of railway tickets for all needy laborers.

Status of State and Union Territory

Madhya Pradesh, Infected: 2837- 49 new patients were found here on Sunday. The state government had planned to give a statewide exemption outside the containment area after May 4. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan asked the collectors to inspect his district and submit a report within 3 days. Discounts are being increased at wedding ceremonies. Earlier 10 people could join the wedding with more brides, now it is being increased to 50.

Uttar Pradesh, Infected: 2645- The number of new corona patients increased in the state on Sunday. 754 people in the state have recovered, while 43 have died. The highest number of 536 is in Agra. Fourteen people have been killed in the city.
Maharashtra, Infected: 12974- 678 new cases of infection were reported here on Sunday. So far more than 2100 patients have recovered. The state government is now going to provide cashless health insurance to all the citizens of the state.

Rajasthan, Infected: 3009- 123 crore infected have been found here on Monday. Out of which 73 patients were found in Jodhpur, 19 in Chittorgarh, 12 in Jaipur, 11 in Pali, 03 in Kota, 2 in Rajsamand, while 1-1 patients were found in Alwar, Bikaner and Udaipur.

Bihar, Infected: 517- 31 out of 38 districts in the state are in transition. The state government has decided not to grant any special exemption in the third phase of the lockdown in view of the migration and returning migrant laborers in the new area. The whole of Bihar is divided into Red and Orange Zones. There will be no green zone.



Delhi, Infected:
4549- A total of 427 cases came here on Sunday. This is the highest number of infected people in a single day in Delhi. On the other hand, 17 new patients have been found in a building at Kapasheda on the Gurgaon side.